Paint stripping is a hard-hitting and entirely laborious chore. It requires a proper awareness, concentration and care to handle.

Sometimes while painting our walls we also accidentally paint are wooden furniture or windows, bricks and realize that it would look more beautiful in its original form, want to get that paint stripped off.

Powerwash brings you an upright selection. Our services will always there to give proper guidance and also help you in cleaning process.

Our paint strippers come in a liquid or a gel form that clings even to vertical surfaces. The principle of paint strippers is penetration of the paint film by the molecules of the active ingredient, causing its swelling; this volume increase causes internal strains, which, together with the weakening of the layer’s adhesion to the underlying surface, leads to separation of the layer of the paint from the substrate.

Our aim is customer satisfaction and we have cost effective equipment’s which can help to complete your project sooner. We are good at paint stripping and manage to do it best without causing any damage to the affected area.

Powerwash services are friendly on the pocket and value their client the most.

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