Greetings to you dear customer. Just like we promised, we will clean the exterior surroundings with our best team mates so that you are not left with any room for complaints. Before we come at your place and clear up the mess for you, there are a few general instructions that you need to know. Also, keep a well note or track over the precautions. In case of any damage to your house materials that are hydrophobic, we shall not be held responsible.

The following should be kept in mind before we work with you and give you an excellent service:

  • Temporarily remove any materials or items that do not go well with water. This may include your television set, couch, books, etc. Cover them even if you are not sure about their behaviour.
  • Inform us about the position of external electrical circuits or fuse boxes if they lie in a position which is not reachable. Try to cover or seal them to prevent them from any damages that might arise during or after our cleaning activities.
  • Tarnished, oiled furniture or painted timber may or may not lose their colour once in contact with water. And this entirely depends on the quality of the wood that is used for making furniture or the quality of the coating over it. In this case, we shall not be held responsible.
  • If the exteriors of your house consists of a fish pond, cover or seal. Notify our team mates earlier.
  • We come over at your place to facilitate you with our exclusive cleaning services that clean the exteriors of your house. If there are a few materials that do not need cleaning or you wish to not to clean them, cover them properly.
  • If you are aware of the leaking tendency of your windows, seal them properly. Being cautious has never harmed anyone so move around the furniture that stays close to your window panes. Shut all the windows of your house.
  • Our team does not make the use of high pressure cleaning and there is a constant effort from our side to prevent the entry of water through your windows. You can use old towels to seal the windows.
  • Our payment cycle is simple. We work in the best way for you and you pay us after the cleaning activity is done. Once again, we are not responsible for any types of damages that arise due to low quality coating or poor finishing inclusive of power loss.
  • It is solely your responsibility to agree on to high pressure cleaning over cement walls or walls of other materials. Pressure cleaning over weak, cracked surfaces is your decision. We cannot guarantee you about its state being the same.
  • In matters concerning roof cleaning, do it before you start the renovation. Roof cleaning has high chances of allowing the water to leak into the insides of your house.
  • If you desire to cancel your appointment with us, inform us within 24 hours. If you cancel it after our team reaches at your place, a cancellation fee of $120 will be charged.

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