House Washing

We put the shine back into your property with our superior high pressure tools and equipments. We can clean all the corners and any areas that are difficult to reach normally. Improve the appearance of the area with our great house washing services in Casuarina.

Concrete Cleaning

The exterior surfaces like concrete, tiles, pathways etc. require really a high pressure technique to get clean. We give your home’s exterior surfaces a much needed cleaning solution that would leave you spell bound and give your abode an entirely new look.

Mould Removal

Make your home, bathrooms and basement mould free with the best of the mould removal work done from the experts of Powerwash. Get to save yourself from any kind of fungal infection because of the deposition of dirt and moulds, which invite a number of germs. Contact Powerwash for a speck free area.

Roof Cleaning

A foul roof reflects your lack of concern about your abode or office. Ugly roof stains will always be the focal point of your home’s exterior. And if you want to sell your property, then roof cleaning is a must. Get the beauty back of your home. We at Powerwash clean the best.

Pathway Cleaning

Our best ever pathway cleaning can help you get an amazingly clean outer look for your home. Our special pressure cleaning technology improves the appearance to its fullest and makes your environment fresh, healthy and clean to live in. All Casuarina residents can get this service from us. Please feel free to contact us.

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