Get Your Discolored Sandstone Cleaned By Professionals

Don’t we all love the look of sandstones? A driveway or pathway built of sandstone changes the entire outlook of a property, giving it an aura of elegance. However, when these sandstones become discolored and its color changes to black or green or something which is far from natural, it mars the entire beauty. No amount of regular cleaning restores the beauty of these stones.

So, why do sandstone becomes such discolored in the first place? You need to understand that sandstone is not as hard as it looks. It is porous and allows accumulation of foreign materials within it. It is the perfect breeding ground of algae and moss. These microscopic growths within the sandstone causes it to become discolored and disfigured. But, that is not all that the algal growth does. They also disintegrate the stone from within and causes it to get damaged over time.

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    How professional sandstone cleaning helps?

    Professional cleaning is always the best option when it comes to getting rid of stubborn stains and cleaning impossible places. High pressure sand stone cleaning is one of the most popular professional cleaning services. Use of high pressure water jet to clean the sandstones have a much higher success rate as compared to conventional cleaning methods.

    Sandstones are soft in nature. Use of water is the preferred choice since it does not damage the integrity of the sandstone, which might be the case if chemical cleaning agents are used for cleaning purpose. Water can reach through the pores of the sandstone and offer deep cleaning. This is impossible with regular cleaning.

    High-pressure cleaning Gold CoastPowerwash is among the most reputable professional high pressure cleaners in Australia. They offer soft washing as well for delicate surfaces such as sandstone. Now you can easily get back the lost charm of your sandstone driveway or pathway.

    Sandstone driveways, paths, walkways, and walls, all look so beautiful when recently built. Give it a few years’ time and you would start questioning your decision of using sandstone to build any one of these. The stones will either turn black or green and get completely discoloured and disfigured. Haven’t you ever questioned yourself, how to get the old beauty of the sandstone back? How to best clean any sandstone? The answer to all your queries is Powerwash sandstone cleaning service.

    What causes sandstone to discolour?

    Sandstone is porous substance. It offers enough cavities within it to help growth of various types of algae. Depending upon your location you will get various types of algal growth within the sandstone. Generally, the stone gets greenish or blackish in colour. These algae not only cause the sandstones to look dirty but also damages the stone from within. It is important that you take steps to get rid of the algal growths.

    Why should I take professional help for sandstone cleaning?

    Sandstone, even though looks tough, is an extremely soft material. If you are considering using regular cleaning agents to get rid of the dark or green layer off the sandstone, stop right there! You will simply manage to further damage the beautiful sandstone without actually being able to clean it off properly. Cleaning of sandstone is a specialised job which should only be undertaken by professionals. The deep rooted algae growth needs special treatment and removing them from within is no simple task. Thus, Powerwash comes in. Our superior sandstone cleaning service offers best result without causing any damage.

    What is special about Powerwash cleaning service?

    To begin with, Powerwash is an expert in deep cleaning and is one of the most reputable and trusted names in the field of professional cleaning service. Our years of high quality professional service has gained us the repute. Powerwash professionals understand the nature of various types of surfaces and use the method which is most suitable for the purpose. Even though high pressure cleaning is effective on most surfaces, using very high pressure on sandstone surface can damage the stone and leave it ugly and rough. The trick is to use soft pressure which allows deep cleaning. Powerwash employs very mild surfactant which kills the algae from within and then clean it off with mild hot jet of water. The process is very delicately handled so as not to cause any damage to the sandstone.
    Powerwash guarantees complete deep cleaning of sandstone!

    We do not just claim to get your sandstone cleaned, we guarantee result. With our cleaning service your sandstone driveway or footpath or walkway or any wall will turn as good and beautiful as new. You will get back the beauty that once mesmerised all your guests. You will receive deep cleaning unlike anyone else can provide.

    So, if your sandstone surface has become black or green, do not delay. Call Powerwash today on 0405 912 403 or go to our contact us page to get in touch. and get back the lost charm of your home. You will not find a more budget friendly option in your area.