High Pressure Water Cleaning

High Pressure Water Cleaning


High Pressure Water Cleaning – It is the most efficient and cost effective way to give a place a neat and clean look. We jet out water with pressure to clean the hidden dirt and to give a shining look to the place. You can contact us to know better and check our services. We assure you of a positive growth in our relation with our good work.

Our Methodology

We understand the value of an individual’s property as a result we adopt certain techniques and methodology to make the place neat and wear a sparkling clean look. Our ways include working and cleaning with precision and using the mildest of products in the most efficient manner.

Dirt Removal

The abundant amount of exterior dirt gives a shabby look to the place. The people visiting the place do not get a good impression however good that place might be. So a good proper care is a must. This type of cleaning can be managed by the experts only who have skills and expertise in their working and deliver amazing results. We at Powerwash do our best to come up to the level of our clients.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team which works efficiently and effectively. With a pressure wash technology we remove all the grime, stubborn stains and the accumulated dirt without the use of harmful chemicals.

The difference between soft washing and pressure cleaning

Many people ask us what is the differences between soft washing and pressure cleaning. Well here is the answer.

Soft washing is a method that uses biodegradable chemicals that kill moss, mould, algae and other biological or organic matter from surfaces. These special chemicals allow the water pressure to be low and it will still kill off any of that unwanted organic matter, without the damaging effects which can be produced by high pressure cleaning. The harmful chemicals are trapped and treated before been released.

Pressure cleaning is the use of high-pressure water sprayed to remove dirt and grime at 8,500 psi off hard surfaces. Special care must be taken when pressure cleaning so no damaged can be caused when cleaning your house or commercial building. Here at Powerwash Queensland we employ only the best seasoned pressure cleaner professionals so that you can rest assured that your house or building will be cleaned efficiently and safely.

So, there you go the answer to one of the most asked questions.


There are many benefits to pressure cleaning, soft washing or high pressure cleaning your building or house. The three main benefits are:

1. Mould, mildew and dirt is removed

Mould, dirt and mildew can be very dangerous to people’s health and safety. The mould, mildew and dirt can become slippery and cause accidents. The people walking up your driveway don’t want to slip on mould and end up in hospital. So, make sure you get it cleaned away. Also, mould can cause sickness. If the mould gets breathed in and into people’s lungs then that can cause some serious damage to their lungs and you wouldn’t want that to happen to your guests or customers would you? Dirt can also get into people’s eyes and throats which will cause coughing and eye irritation. So, avoid all these problems and get your building or house pressure cleaned today.

2. It can extend the life of decking, retaining walls and driveways

Your retaining walls, driveways and decking can be pretty expensive features to replace if they become damaged. Pressure cleaning will increase the life span of all of these important features around your home, so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing more than you would like too. It is the mould that eats away at the structure of the decking, retaining wall or driveway that causes the damage to them. So, avoid paying for unnecessary repairs and get your driveway, decking and retaining wall pressure cleaned today.

3. Prepare surfaces properly for repainting

If you want to repaint your house or commercial building, then pressure cleaning beforehand would be the smartest move to make. If the commercial building is not pressure cleaned before painting, then the paint may flake or peel off earlier than expected. This is due to the dirt and grime that forms on the walls and roofs of buildings and houses. It stops the paint from going on smooth and when it rains the dirt will fall off the wall or roof along with the new paint job. So, avoid your paint peeling or flaking off the walls and get your house or commercial building pressure cleaned today.

Economic benefits

Some people may say that there are no economic benefits to pressure cleaning. But we are here to tell you that there are a few economic benefits to pressure cleaning. These are:

  • Protects your assets and increases your property value
  • If your house or commercial building is pressure cleaned often and is always in perfect condition and no damage has been done to it since you brought it then this can increase the value of your house or commercial building when it comes time to sell it again. So, get yo ur house or commercial building pressure cleaned to increase the value of it.
  • Preserve and extends the life of surfaces
  • At the time sending money on pressure cleaning may not seem like the best idea, but in the long run it will save you lots of money. Pressure cleaning can extend the life on the surfaces around your home or building. For example, a retaining wall can be an expensive feature to add to your house or commercial building. It can become even more expensive if it isn’t looked after properly and needs to have things replaced every few years. Pressure cleaning the retaining wall once or twice every few years will decrease the chance of it getting damaged and save you money because you won’t need to repair it as often. So, get your expensive surfaces pressure cleaned because it will save you heaps of money.

Choosing the right company

Choosing the right pressure cleaning company can be difficult; there are so many factors to consider.

These factors are:

  • Are they in our budget?
  • Will they produce the quality of work they promise?
  • Do they have the experience?

There are so many more factors you may be wondering, and to help you understand who you are hiring here are some helpful tips that you can use next time you are trying to find a pressure cleaning company:

  • Look at their reviews on their website
  • Ask other people who have used the same company
  • Ask the company for references of other work they have done (if the company is hesitant on this it may mean they are trying to hide something).

It is important that you are choosing a company that knows what they are doing. you wouldn’t want someone to use the wrong pressure cleaning technique on your house or commercial building because they didn’t know what they are doing. For example, they may use high pressure cleaning on a painted surface which may cause the paint to start to peel off. This will mean you will most likely need to get the rest of the paint removed so it can be repainted again. Or they may use high pressure on your windows when they were meant to use soft washing and cause the window to shatter or break. If you aren’t careful when choosing your pressure cleaner, you may end up paying more money than you wanted to get their mistakes fixed.

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