High Pressure Cleaning, Full House Wash and Commercial Cleaning Gold Coast

We’re Gold Coast based company specializing in tough exterior concrete cleaning and house washing jobs. Our dedicated team has decades of combined experience in delivering professional cleaning services in Gold Coast, Australia wide. We believe that a place which is neat and clean is all time admired and appreciated and people like to visit that place. It is always good to keep our surroundings and our atmosphere clean to remain healthy.

A neat place is free of germs and thus does not breed any transmitted virus. Making the place perfectly clean sometimes becomes really challenging; it becomes difficult to clean the major areas like the outer surface, patios, driveway, porch and so on with plain soap and water. For certain places, we have brought the high pressure and power wash cleaning services. The accumulated dirt fades away with water thrown with force. The process of water blasting wipes away the dirt.

These services can be availed from the various companies offering this service. At Powerwash, we should always select the one which is best in it. We offer amazing services of high pressure water cleaning, water blasting and many other such services.

Powerwash always guarantees best and most advanced service at competitive rates. We have introduced some of the latest technologies in high pressure cleaning for better results with minimal time input. Not only has these speed up the process of high pressure cleaning, advanced techniques like soft washing allows us to ensure safety of the property without compromising the outcome.

Power washing is in itself a modern method which has been mastered over the years for better and more efficient result. The process involves use of high pressure jet of water to wash off any unwanted deposit off the surface. Not only dirt, mud or unwanted fungal growth, high pressure cleaning is highly effective in graffiti removal as well without causing any damage to the wall or the surface on which graffiti has been made. We have introduced soft washing keeping in mind the need of some of the roofing structures and other such delicate areas of the property where very high pressure of water can cause damage while cleaning. Soft washing uses lower water pressure but is highly concentrated and directed to achieve better result. Powerwash is a reputable name in the world of pressure cleaning. Take a look at our wide array of services which have been designed keeping in mind your diverse requirements.

The various pressure cleaning gold coast services offered by Powerwash are:

  • Roof Cleaning

  • House Washing

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Pathway Cleaning

  • Shopping Centre Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Body Corporate Buildings

  • Cleaning of Units, Complexes

  • Carpark Cleaning

  • and much more…

Hire us today, for the residential and commercial high pressure cleaning services. Give us call now on 0405 912 403 to book the best affordable cleaning services Australia wide.



We had our driveway, paths and windows cleaned at a very affordable price, a very professional service and a great job done!!!!!!!!!! Was punctual and well mannered, something we appreciated! I was able to explain what needed to be done and to take care with my plants and everything was put back where it needed

March 18, 2015

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