Projects we have completed

Some of the bigger projects that we have completed are:

  • Palm Crest Heights
  • Park Cove Hope Island

  • The Gabba Brisbane
  • CBUS Super Stadium Robina

  • Reading Cinema Newmarket
  • Caltex Services Stations

We do many residential and commercial building jobs each day as well as these bigger jobs.

We can solve any problem

Yes, there are many problems or challenges that we can face while pressure cleaning your house or commercial building, but we can solve these problems.

  • High maintenance and repair costs

Ask us to come out and quote the job and we can customise a maintenance plan. All the saving and benefits we offer will surprise you

  • Can’t afford to have your house or building painted?

Maybe your home or building doesn’t need to be painted. Always clean first then decide.

  • After hours, extended period or weekend solutions

If you don’t want us to disturb your opening hours of your business during the day we can come out and pressure clean your commercial building after hours.

  • Need mould removed?

Mould can cause health issues and damage to your surfaces. So, get it removed.

  • Low noise control

There are noises restrictions that will ensure your guests and neighbors stay happy while you get your house pressure cleaned.

  • Restricted by traffic

All you need to do is ask us how to avoid expensive closures.

  • Environmental protection

Here at Powerwash Queensland we use the best neutralisation products and pH tests your house or building to ensure you don’t end up with those on the spot penalties.

  • High temperature requirements

Our advanced Powerwash equipment will ensure that this isn’t a challenge for us.

  • We have concerns about public liability

    The team at Powerwash Queensland has complete public liability and Work cover policies. At every quote a certificate of currency is provided.

    The list goes on with all the problems we can solve. If you have any questions or concerns about any problem, you may think we will have while we pressure clean your house or commercial building please give us a call or email today.

    So, next time you are looking for a commercial cleaning and maintenance services choose Powerwash Queensland. We can come out and quote your job for free and ensure the price of the job is within the budget. So, call or email Powerwash Queensland today.

    Phone: 0405912403