Tennis Court Cleaning Gold Coast

These days tennis is the most known sport in the whole world. And obviously, just like it is hard to play, it is harder to clean it. Dirt, Mold, Mildew, and Algae are formed easily on the court. This could lead to players getting injured or not playing tennis on the court. That is when Tennis Court Cleaning comes into play. It is very important to clean the court every once in a while. Most of the time, a blower or broom will do the trick which will help in cleaning dirt, leaves or any other small debris.

Gold Coast being in high humid weather, it is easy for the tennis court to grow mold and can lead to slippery court, which could further lead to injury. Mould and lack-luster make the court look untidy and uninspiring. Call: 0405-912-403

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    One of the most common practice of cleaning a tennis court is by pressure cleaning which uses a very high pressure to remove the dirt and mould from deep down the roots. Sometimes the mould is caused by bacteria which grows in the depths of the court which can only be removed by hot water, high pressure cleaning. High pressure between 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI is used to clean the dirt formed deep down in the roots.

    It is highly recommended that an individual must only use a professional company to clean the tennis court or it may lead to further decaying of the grass.

    Professional Tennis Court Cleaning Services in Gold Coast

    Tennis is a world-famous game. There are different types of tennis courts, all of which need to be cared for with equal attention. The quality of a tennis court will have a lot of impact on the game played. It’s no surprise that the tennis court management spends huge amounts of money on maintaining the court in proper condition.

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    A slight change in the weather could cause issues. Having a regular tennis court maintenance program will ensure that the court is cared for at all times. The life of the synthetic surface will also increase with proper maintenance.

    The main task of tennis court cleaning services is to remove the mildew and mould that develops on the surface. The moss and algae will turn the courts slippery and can cause serious injuries to those who are walking or practicing their game on it.

    Regular dust and dirt can be easily swept off by the broom. But the humid weather of Gold Coast results in the active growth of moss and moulds which can be hard to remove completely.

    Here is where Powerwash comes into the picture. We offer professional tennis court cleaning services to keep the court absolutely clean and dry. We use high pressure cleaning to eliminate all traces of bacteria that helps the moss to grow faster.

    What is High Pressure Cleaning?

    High pressure cleaning and washing is a technique where hot water is blasted onto the surface with high intensity. The force of the water gushing out of the nozzle will help in removing dirt that hidden deep within the cracks and creases. Oil, moss, algae, and grime can be easily removed using this technique.

    Though high pressure cleaning is used as a part of all kinds of cleaning services, the tennis court washing services definitely include a high pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning requires a special equipment o control the temperature of the water and its pressure.

    As professional service providers, Powerwash has the latest equipment that enables us to pressure clean tennis courts in Gold Coast. It takes hardly any time for us to complete the job. Periodic pressure cleaning will keep the tennis court free of moss and moulds, thereby increasing its lifespan. The overall cost of maintenance will come down since high pressure tennis court cleaning will be enough keep the court in good form.

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    How Does Powerwash Clean Tennis Courts?

    • Powerwash follows a systematic procedure in tennis court cleaning. We first sweep away the leaves, dirt, and debris from the court and dispose of the waste.
    • Then we apply our eco-friendly cleaning agent on the surface of the court. Made using natural ingredients, the cleaning agent does not harm anybody.
    • Next, we use different types of cleaning equipment to remove the dirt and moss along with the cleaning agent.
    • We focus on cleaning the corners of the tennis court and use the high pressure tool if required. The surrounding walls of the tennis court are also cleaned.
    • After rinsing the tennis court, we apply a layer of anti-mould treatment to prevent the moss from forming again.

    Choose Powerwash for Tennis Court Cleaning in Gold Coast

    • Using the services of a professional will save you time and money. With years of experience (Powerwash has more than twenty years of experience), professional cleaning service providers know exactly how to do the job in less time. We do not cause inconvenience to others.
    • Recycling the water and disposing of waste is our responsibility. We ensure that the tennis court and the surroundings are clean when we leave the place after cleaning.
    • The effects of our pressure cleaning services last four times longer compared to other cleaning services.
    • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling all kinds of cleaning jobs.
    • Customer satisfaction is our priority. We do our best to ensure that customers are happy with the service.
    • We use both hot water and cold water for pressure cleaning. It depends on the type of dirt that needs to be removed and the age of the tennis court.