Car Park Cleaning

Car Park Cleaning specialists in Ipswich

Car parks can get stained with tough oil and grease and get messy with debris. And getting rid of these stains can be a tough job especially if we are talking about concrete or cement cleaning. Cleaning such stubborn and sticky stains from porous material like cement requires special tools and skills. And Powerwash has the skills, the tools and most importantly experience of cleaning driveways and car parks. So, now keeping your car parks clean and stain free is extremely easy and streamlined.

In addition, our concrete cleaning services are very reasonably priced, so keeping car park clean is also pocket friendly. We provide car park cleaning services using tools like high quality agents, water extraction machines, high pressure hoses and industrial power sweepers. We provide regular as well as occasional car park cleaning services for residential, industrial and commercial car parks that can be really huge, with lots of stains and spots. Our regular and occasional car park cleaning services include:

Graffiti removal
pressure washing
Power scrubbing and sweeping

Powerwash has a team of professional cleaning experts available to take your car park cleaning project day or night. Equipped with the best industrial scrubbing and sweeping machines, top quality cleaning chemicals, water extraction machines, and high pressure steam cleaning vehicles, we can handle the most difficult car park cleaning projects, no matter how big. We can customize our car park cleaning services according to your needs. So, feel free to discuss your cleaning project today!

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