Surfers Paradise

Car Park Cleaning

Car Park is essential for nowadays, as car are the dominant mode of transportation in most of the countries. It is a durable surface so it gets dirty and many stains of oil, engine-oil and grease. Make your car park area squeaky-clean with our latest technology. We are expert in our working and give best results.

Basement Cleaning

Basement is an area, which gets no sunlight as it is underground part of buildings. So it is easily gets moisture and many other problems making place vulnerable to mold, leaking etc. These all problems can we solved by Powerwash with the high pressure cleaning method to have a sparkling amazingly clean and neat basement.

Body Corporate Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance of the corporate area is challenging and demands a lot of labour-work to get it cleaned. At Powerwash we clean and help to maintain those areas with the latest method of technology like cleaning machines to reduce the time and labour. We are one of the best in this field as we provide point to point service to solve the problems and answer queries.

Mould Removal

The enclosed areas like bathrooms, basement are vulnerable to moisture and mould accumulation which are much prone to germs, insects and invite a number of diseases, so it becomes necessary to get these areas clean. Avail Powerwash services for mould removal in Surfers Paradise.

Roof Cleaning

A roof covered with algae, moss and grime, etc is no longer capable to reflect sunlight. Moreover, it looks ugly to watch it. It can only damage your position and class among your friends and relatives. Don’t worry and visit Powerwash. We give you our most amazing roof cleaning services in the whole Surfers Paradise area.

Pathway Cleaning

A foul pathway can spoil the look of your house or office or any other area. The build up of grime, mould and moss etc can be dangerous when wet. We, at Powerwash have excellent pathway cleaning experience in Surfers Paradise. Get the benefits of our cost effective services.

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