Powerwash is a distinctive solar panel cleaning company, which is located on the Gold Coast. Powerwash provides qualified and professional solar panel cleaning services. The services are available for 24X7. There are many environmental contributors such as bird droppings, dust, salt spray from the ocean, etc. They have an impact on the build-up of solar panels. Because of these components, almost 40 percent of less sunlight is reaching the solar cells. It further decreases the efficiency of the solar panels and eventually reducing your financial profit.

However, with the use of our environmentally friendly, designed de-ionised water filter which is chemical free, we guarantee an outstanding finish always.

You can select power wash for you cleaning services as it is-

  • Wholly insured
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  • Licensed

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    Need of cleaning Solar Panels

    The Solar panel works by enabling light into the solar cells. The more the light strikes the solar panel, the greater power it will able to generate. Because of the build of the solar panel, they are more prone to the general dust, bird droppings and even rainwater is not able to wash off the panel. Professional cleaning is required so that sunlight can enter without any dirt. The dust accumulated on the solar panel decreases the amount of light which is hitting the solar panel and further lower down its performance and gives less output.

    Solar panel manufacturer installers claim that optimum performance of solar panel can only be attained when it is neat and not dirty. Build-up of filth on the solar panels can negatively affect the panel’s ability to meet the expectations and estimation. To maintain your return on investment and proper results it is imperative to clean solar panels. Solar panel cleaning is not new to Gold Coast it is very popular and demanding service nowadays. Those who have already chosen the service of cleaning solar panels are already aware of the fact that to achieve the optimum output; one must regularly clean their solar panels.

    Why choose Powerwash for Solar Panel cleaning services-

    We are one of the most experienced solar panel cleaning companies in the whole of Gold Coast. The business is wholly solar panel cleaning services. We have experienced and trained staff which will provide high-end services at their end. We have all the necessary solar panel cleaning equipment and know all the techniques and modes to clean solar panels effectively and efficiently. We aim at providing high-end quality cleaning services. Customer satisfaction is out top priority. We believe in exceeding our client’s expectation and make them satisfied.

    We are fully insured for solar panel cleaning. Health and safety are of prime importance while dealing with solar panels. We are carrying license and can work and clean your solar panels safely without any trouble and any issues. We are proficient to clean and reach all solar panel arrays safely. So, cleaning of solar panels is significant as they have accumulated dirt which cannot be washed by any other means. The solar panel even keeps your warranty intact and helps the solar panels in producing the maximum electricity and saves more money in the long run while maintaining the higher return on investment. We are waiting for your call, would love to hear from you.

    Solar panel cleaning can protect your warranty-

    Many of you have not checked the small print on your solar panel warranty. Did you? Most of the clients are not aware that many of the solar panel manufacturers indicate regular cleaning as a requirement of warranty and claims.

    Solar panel manufacturers also mention the essential ways and methods of cleaning solar panels. Along with specifying regular cleaning, they also suggest that for the proper and safe cleaning harsh chemicals should not be used; chemical free cleaning should be carried. Harsh chemicals not only damage your solar panels but also can void the solar panel warranty. Powerwash can offer you customized services to fulfil the needs of the warranty and guidelines mentioned for cleaning the solar panels. Powerwash Company uses chemical free de-ionised water, soft bristle brushes and ensures safe cleaning. It will not only increase the efficiency and effectiveness but is also able to protect your warranty.

    Rainwater will not clean your solar panels-

    Most of the people think that rainwater will clean their solar panels. However, it is not correct, if you have ever noticed your car windscreen and not cleaned it for more than six months, you can easily see the amount of visibility it loses. Even during the rainy season, the rain contains the airborne dust particles that settle on the surface after rainwater evaporates. Even when we use windscreen wipers to clean the screen, but the wipers do not reach where there is a coating of dirt. In the same manner, the solar panel works. As solar panel also carries the same condition as the car windscreen and is exposed to rain water and dust. Due to the dirt accumulated there are visibility issue and the light does not reach onto the solar panels. It is important to clean the solar panels to gain the maximum light and increase monetary reward and investment.

    How cleaning of solar panels is done-

    Powerwash is known for its power services. We have a superior range of solar panel cleaning kit and professionally skilled staff who are knowledgeable to provide high-quality services on the professional basis. We are widely known for our cleaning services. We can clean your solar panels on a roof safely; sometimes we can clean the solar panel without the need of walk on the ceiling. We use the chemical-free product to clean the solar panel. No abrasives or harsh detergents are used during the cleaning process. We use eco-friendly, natural solar panel cleaning liquid. We are the best company offering the organic solar panel cleaning tools in Gold Coast.

    Frequency of cleaning the solar panel

    Solar panel installers recommend that one should have the solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning company, once in every six months in the rural areas and once in every six to eight months in the urban areas. You can call the solar cleaning company professionals to help you in any queries related to the cleaning process.

    Cost of Solar Panel cleaning services-

    Solar panel cleaning cost is not the same for everyone. It depends on the installation size and its accessibility. Powerwash aims to provide you with a solar panel cleaning price projection which is based on its installation size. To get the accurate price estimation, it is advisable if the client can send the picture of the solar panel which can make it easy for us to calculate and determine the solar panel cleaning price. The cost of cleaning will also be based on a frequency of cleaning. The quote will differ from each client and depends on the services the client is opting. The currency that you will pay out on the cleaning services will be useful for you. It will in return saves the electricity and generate more sunlight gives you the higher performance. It is recommended to clean your solar panel cleaning services from a reputed cleaning company.

    Solar panel cleaning options-

    There are some of the options that are available for solar panel cleaning. One is the automated spray system that usually washes down the solar panels. There is also another system that uses an electric charge to lift the dirt from the solar panels; solar panel cleaning robot is also available. These systems are usually expensive than the normal one. So you can opt for the best cleaning method that is the regular solar panel cleaning. Powerwash will provide you best services and outstanding results.

    Benefits of hiring solar panel cleaning professionals and you should not clean solar panel yourself

    • Solar panels accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Tap water and the chemicals can leave a residue on your solar panels which are difficult to clean by yourself. Solar panels cleaning system uses the de-ionised water to provide an efficiently spot free finish and it is more resistant to the dirt and dust. The professional cleaning will give you better results with a long lasting effect.
    • One more factor to be considered is that, when you hire a professional cleaning company for your panels, they check other aspects that can have an impact on your health and performance. The professionals keep in mind potential safety issues, such as fire, and nests from birds, rats, or possums. They also identify and detect the other problems such as small cracks which are also necessary to maintain the solar panel in excellent condition.
    • If you want to get on the roof by yourself, it can be dangerous for you. A proper safety gear is required to get to the roof and prevent from any danger. Without the experience and required skills, you should take the risk of cleaning the solar panel; you might harm or injure yourself during the entire cleaning. So it is advised to hire solar cleaning experts for best and safe services.
    • A major source of expense for every person is the electricity bill. Everyone is looking for the ways to go green and to save more. If you have solar panels system installation, it will lower down the electricity bill. It will decrease the bill and let you save more. You can save more money by making small alterations in your home. It is eco-friendly and saves both the planet earth as well as the electricity bills.

    If you do not keep your solar panels clean, it will not stop them from generating any power or light. However, if you want the maximum rate of power down into the generation meter, it is advised by the experts to clean the solar panel as instructed. Solar panels around the world have frequent cleaning team who regularly clean and inspect the panel surfaces. If you take services from a good and reputed company, they can offer you to clean the windows along with the solar panel cleaning. It will be a great benefit for you.

    Cleaning solar panel system is extremely necessary. Dirt accumulated will not yield the as much energy as the clean solar panel system will generate. Dirt and the bird poop will not allow the light to reach the solar cells, which will result in less energy production by solar panels.

    Hire Powerwash solar cleaning company for best results. We guarantee and strive to offer the unique services from our team of experts. You are free to contact us. We will love to solve your queries, provide you the solutions to your answers. Guarantee you the finest services at our end. We have trained, and professional team of experts who follow all the safety regulations and achieving customer satisfaction is the must. Call and reach to us.

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