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Here’s How Professionals Clean Tiles and Grout 

Cleaning tiles at home may seem easy enough, but the dirt lines in the grout are hard to be rid of. Furthermore, the grout might loosen, and the tiles might get damaged. 

So how do professionals deliver such perfect tile and grout cleaning services every single time? Let’s find out from our very own professionals at Powerwash. 

  • Understand the Stains and Dirt Marks 

Tiles and grout get dirty over time due to repeated usage. Be it the kitchen or washroom, many ingredients and chemicals turn the tiles dingy and lifeless. Stains and dark lines are expected to accumulate over the tiles and grout. Firstly, professionals will examine the extent of stains and streaks to determine the best method to clean the tiles and grout. 

  • Use the Right Equipment 

Professional cleaning companies invest in the right equipment and tools to provide premium quality floor tile cleaning in Gold Coast. This simplifies the process and ensures minimum damage to the tiles. While you can use regular brushes, mops, clothes, etc., these don’t give the same results as the tools designed for the purpose. You should also follow the steps in the right order and not skip the process in between. 

Many homeowners end up using stiffer brushes to get rid of the dirt easily. However, this can damage the top coating on the tiles and loosen the grout. It’s vital to know the correct cleaning technique as well. 

  • Eco-Friendly Products 

At Powerwash, we believe in using safe and eco-friendly products for cleaning. Excessive bleach and alternative ingredients like toothpaste should not be used repeatedly on the tiles. The grout is already porous and can weaken when harsh chemicals are used. 

Furthermore, the toxins in the cleaning agents can lead to harmful side effects for you and your family. That’s why professional cleaning companies prefer safe products with eco-friendly ingredients. Expert cleaning service providers also determine the quantity of the products based on how dirty the tiles are. 

Steps for Tile and Grout Cleaning Gold Coast

Professional tile and grout cleaners follow the below steps: 

  • Vacuum the Place 

The first step is to get rid of all the loose dirt and dust on the floor. Even the wall titles can be vacuumed or at least dusted to remove the fine dust. Vacuum the corners and the lines along the walls as a majority of the dirt accumulates in these places. 

  • Mop the Floors 

The second step is to mop the entire area. Water and cloth remove light stains and grime. Water also makes it easy to soak the tough stains for quicker removal in the next stage. Make sure to use a clean mop and change the water when it turns a shade of brown. This prevents the dirty water from creating more stains on the tiles. Mop the floors in a single direction and move from one end of the room to the other. 

Power Washing Here’s where the magic happens in professional tile and grout cleaning. The Powerwash team uses special equipment for power washing the floor and walls. Professionals adjust the settings to exert the correct amount of pressure to remove the stains and dirt. Start with a small section and completely remove the grime from the grout and corners before moving on to the next section. 

  • Drying the Tiles 

In the next step, professionals get rid of the excess water on the floor and dry the region thoroughly. It’s tempting to let the tiles dry out, but this will result in water stains and mild dirt streaks left over after cleaning. Grab a soft and clean towel to wipe the walls and floors and remove all traces of water. Here, professionals also eliminate the traces of leftover cleaning agents to prevent the residue from damaging the surface layer of the tiles. 

  • Sealing Grout 

The last step is to seal the grout to extend its life. It is the process of adding a fresh layer of sealant to the grout to prevent it from weakening quickly. It also ensures additional protection against mould and mildew. The dirt will not seep into the grout layers and loosen its strength as the sealant acts as a shield. 


Powerwash offers professional tile and grout cleaning in Gold Coast for affordable prices. We work with residential and commercial properties in the region. Our team is easily accessible and uses the best equipment and cleaning agents to ensure flawless services. 

Regular cleaning reduces the risk of infections and keeps your family safe. Our cleaning service also increases the life span of your tiles and makes them appear as good as new. 

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