Bond Cleaning

There may be multiple reasons why someone would require a bond clean done for their property. Whether you are vacating a leased property or you have sold your house, a proper bond clean can make your place look as good as new. Although to find a bond cleaners in gold coast can be a challenge. There are various cleaners who claim to have previous experience, but lack the expertise and knowledge to pull off a successful clean in order to get your bond back.

We at Powerwash make sure that you are always 100% satisfied, and that’s not all. We guarantee your bond return, till now we have not faced even a single case where the property manager has not approved the clean that our cleaners have provided. In fact, we even got praises from Property managers of Ray White and PRD Nationwide known as someone of the most troublesome people to deal with.

Powerwash offers services that always exceed your expectations. Our 100% success rate in Customer Satisfaction & bond return is still unbeatable. Our method is quite simple, due to the vast experience we possess. We are quite familiar with what property managers look for in a bond cleaning, from clean spotless skirting boards to walls that look as if they have been painted. We make sure that your house is left as good as new.

We know how to make your house look as good as new, our team will remove all the marks from your wall, cleaning your house walls making them look as if they were just painted. We can get rid of Soap scum from your bathroom shower screen which almost 90% of the cleaners don’t know how to do.

Even before you move into a property, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. Any damage that was done on the property before you moved in, the conditions of the walls, glass, etc.

We have seen various cases where the current tenants are expected to make the property as good as new even though they noticed problems with the property before they moved into the house. Therefore, a good advice will be to always take pictures of anything wrong you can find with the property before you moved in, this is just a proof which you can show to the property manager who may ask you to fix something which was there beforehand.

So give our services a try, you will clearly not be disappointed! And during a special offer, if you mention that you found our services through our website then you are entitled to a 10% off for your first time clean. In fact, we will even take care of your property inspection so that you have a stress free day which you can enjoy with ease. We will do all hat for free for our first time customers, this is just to show you how dedicated we at providing our 100% satisfaction Guarantee. It’s not just a service, it’s a commitment!

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