Shop front Cleaning

Powerwash understands that your shop front is the first impression your clients will get when they approach your premises. The items in your showroom always look better through clean windows and this presents a level of professionalism to not only your clientele, but also your staff.

We can pure water wash your shop front glass as well as cleaning the frames, signage and awnings.

Keeping your commercial premises clean and smart attracts the attention of customers.  Washing with the help of hot jet will give your property a deep clean.   We also use detergent and soft brushing or sponges on window surrounds and signage to lift traffic film.  We will make your shop front shine and stand out on the street.

We offer an out of hours service and are able to carry out the work early morning, late evening, nights or weekends, whichever time is quietest for your business.  You do not need to be open for us to carry out the work.  Our mobile equipment allows us to arrive and clean without always needing to ask you for power or water. We have a Thames Water hydrant license and can connect to hydrants in the street.

As well as the shop front itself we can also thoroughly clean areas of pavement adjacent to the premises including removing chewing gum with super-heated water.  

Powerwash provides a professional paving and pavement cleaning service using powerful rotary cleaners.  We remove chewing gum with high heat using the lance and then give a general wash down with the rotary cleaner which allows us to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. This type of exterior cleaning is ideal for cleaning around cafes, bars, restaurants, pedestrian areas and pavements. Keeping the paving stones clean and bright makes your premises look smart and welcoming.

Experience the Powerwash Difference

  • We use natural, non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products
  • We tailor our services to our clients need and requirements so you only pay for the services that you need for your shop front cleaning.
  • We offer a large range of ancillary specialist cleaning services including window cleaning.
  • We are flexible with cleaning times so we can clean early mornings or after hours to suit your schedule or opening hours.
  • Our real time Integrated Management System allows clients to monitor their business site activity remotely and assists with regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Our operatives have retail specific training working to a nationwide standardization of practice.

All cleaners have police checks so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got cleaners you can trust.

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